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Stress - Its time to clear it off!

Stress - Its time to clear it off!

by Samamtha Mathew

Stress is as much a part of our everyday life as is the food. As life becomes more and more hectic, people work longer hours under greater time constraints, over global time zones with less recreation time more and more people struggle to cope with their stress levels. Everybody has some problems, a challenge, a competition to win, an exam to pass, a business deal to strike, a deadline to meet, or a relationship to maintain; the only difference is how different people handle stress. We experience stress when we are challenged either by society, or law, or our moral values. In a way, stress can bring positive effect as well, since it pushes you to do your best, or to give more, or to move out of your comfort zone. Stress levels can be lowered, perceptions altered and responses improved with proper self awareness and management techniques.

If you are not mentally tough and prepared to handle the pressure, stress becomes a threat to you, both physically and emotionally. Stress can give keep you on your toes for delivering a lecture in office workshop, or to study till late hours for an exam rather than being part of a friend's wedding. It is said that - 'When the going gets tough, it is the tough who gets going'.

Stress is a psychological and physiological response to incidents and events that tend to make you upset in some way. These events are negative since these derive you to negative thoughts, withdrawal from an engagement, appointment, social gathering or a relationship. On the other hand these events require you to make certain adjustments in yourself, these can be positive as well. For example you may be stressed a couple of days before your marriage, or before a presentation to your board of directors to seek a promotion.

The main problem in this modern world is the disproportion between work and private life. To support the family financially, parents should work. If the father works enormous hours then the mother should stay at home to care the children, or the mother returns to work to supplement the household income. Either way there is stress. Peoples are not getting time to do exercise, play sports and socialize with friends. So they became inactive. If they got time they are often so stressed and exhausted from work that they simply do not have the energy to pursue hobbies and recreation.

The result is mental breakdown or other mental illnesses, family breakdown, job loss, bankruptcy and in the most serious cases, suicide. Prolonged high stress levels are linked to the development of chronic diseases such as cancer, heart attacks and anxiety disorders, alcoholism and associated liver disease and chronic conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, digestive disorders, headaches and poor immune system function (repeatedly getting colds and flues). Irrespective of the reason or situation that makes you stressed, the fact is that stress is bad for your health. Moreover, every person has different reason and different mindset to the way one responds to stress. One situation that is very stressful for you may be very ordinary for your friend or colleague. It depends on certain factors - your personality, your attitude, the way you have been brought up, your philosophy of living life, and even your education.

Reasons of Stress There are different reasons that cause stress. Frustrations - Some people are stressed because they are frustrated for one or more reasons. The reason can be their workplace, a relationship, social issues or one's moral and philosophical response to society.

Pressure - Some people are stressed out from pressures from colleagues, family members or from society.

Conflicts - Some people do not have the decision making ability and are always caught in two situations. They have to make a choice from two equally appealing options and they feel stressed. For example, a working mother may be stressed out because she is not able to give proper time to her baby and at the same time, she feels that her job is also important. Simple way to respond to stressors effectively: Try to understand the Stresses. Clarify and pinpoint just what is causing the stress, accept that some (causes of stress) can't be changed. Try to change your view. Alter your thoughts, values, expectations. Raise your confidence. Improve your Physical Response. Improve your Emotional Response Work at not dwelling on negative feelings and to develop new friendships. Improve your behavioral Reaction. Learn new skills, develop personal and interpersonal skills. Work at lowering your physical response by improving exercise, rest, sleep, meditation, eating habits, etc. Improve your education (take up a course). Work on better time management.

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Work With Reiki Healing For Your Dermatitis Issues

Work With Reiki Healing For Your Dermatitis Issues

by Nicole Lanning

Everyone has different things that need to work on in their life from problems, concerns, and even more difficult issues. When you're working on healing them through complementary types of therapies you have to understand it is about balancing everything out for you to have a successful completion of this process.

There are many different ways to show you how to work on healing your dermatitis issues through some complementary and alternative therapies that you can add into your life.

When you're working on healing for complete and successful session, you have to make sure that you tap into the underlying core issue that set off all of these concerns that you need to tackle right here and now.

If you want to get down to the root cause of the problem, you have to work on some of the tough questions that you're facing. Do you know what causes in your life? How is it out of balance?

Now how does all of this relate to your dermatitis concerns? Well when you think about it you have to understand it is a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level healing. We have to work on all of these issues so that nothing is out of balance.

So you must understand right here and now that if you're reading this article there probably is something that is out of balance if you're facing a dermatitis issue today.

Working with imbalances in your life for healing aspects such as a dermatitis issue, you have to understand that the imbalance may not always be on the specific level that you are thinking it is on. When you're facing this type of issue, the imbalance may be on a physical level, or maybe on an emotional level, mental level, or even possibly your spiritual level connections that need to be worked on.

Many people do not understand this type of work, but now the to do you can understand why it is so important to have all of these areas balanced out in a manner that they are all connected together, so that sentence to not start to rise another different layers for you to heal.

Working with the multitude of complementary or alternative therapies can help you have a successful healing session in your life. You can work with energy healing techniques, sound healing, music therapy, crystal healing, and inner soul connections.

Working with sound vibrational healing techniques is a fun way to work on healing any issue in your life, so you can work with this for your dermatitis problems or any other issues are facing. You can tap into the power of tuning forks, Tibetan bells, Tibetan bowls, and even drumming techniques to help balance out all of your healing issues.

It is all about understanding how your own spiritual pathway will unfold in front of you so that you can work on healing sessions properly. Each person is going to be attracted to different types of healing methods, so work with the one that fits within your lifestyle.

Work with some of these techniques in your own life for healing your dermatitis problems so that you can see the success today. It is about trying, enjoying the work and experience in the healing process, and putting forth your own inspired effort to have the life that you've always dreamed of.

Nicole Lanning is the founder of Healing Art Forms and bestselling author. For more information about Reiki healing, spiritual healing, or Reiki healing methods contact her personally with your questions.

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Can Hypnosis Help you Stop Smoking?

Hypnotherapy To Stop Smoking

by Colin Winston Aldridge

Of all the factors to use hypnosis as a treatment, smoking cessation is likely the most well-known. This kind of remedy has been going on for lots of years with terrific success rates. Smoking might be eliminated with hypnotherapy.

Statistics show that a large majority of smokers say they would prefer to quit smoking. So why don't they? Nicotine may be a powerfully addictive substance that smokers start to crave when they commence smoking. Smokers have a tendency to assume that smoking relaxes them but they often just really feel relaxed following getting the rush that the hit of nicotine provides them. Either way, the addiction is actual, and really challenging to overcome for a lot of people.

Well being risks are among the best factors that individuals want to quit smoking. On top of lung cancer, emphysema, as well as other breathing difficulties, smoking can trigger coronary artery illness, heart attacks and strokes. Smokers that wish to quit are generally even more stressed regarding the unnecessary stress they're putting on their bodies, which leads to a lot more of a craving for a thing to unwind them. The cycle of tension and smoking goes on and on for these persons.

Yet another important cause to quit smoking are the fees linked with it. Typical smokers spend a large number of dollars a year on cigarettes. A lot of of these folks are struggling financially and could definitely use that money to pay their other bills. However, the addiction controls them so they decide on to shell out money on cigarettes over a lot more necessary items.

Enter hypnotherapy. This kind of remedy offers strong suggestion even though the patient is in a trance like state. Although in this state, the hypnotherapist can enable the patient address their cravings in addition to why they smoke. A patient who can come across new approaches to deal with stress with no associating smoking with relaxation can then quit smoking in lots of cases. So, the actual addiction may be addressed, but the underlying behavior will also be addressed.

Smoking cessation hypnotherapy's advantages are well-documented. Making use of this kind of treatment to cease smoking is often exceptionally useful. On top with the relative ease of treatment, individuals normally really feel relaxed immediately after treatment options. Other advantages consist of not needing to take other drugs, chew particular gum or put on a patch for a number of weeks. Just several sessions (for a lot of individuals, only one session) can support someone stop smoking for beneficial. Freedom from a smoking habit is rather achievable with hypnotherapy.

Want to find out more about hypnotherapy, then visit Colin Winston Aldridge's site on how to choose the best hypnotherapist for your needs.

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Best Practices in Cancer Survivorship and Supportive Care

Best Practices in Cancer Survivorship and Supportive Care

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Enhance Your Memory Power

by Emma Mathew

Our life is convenient if we have powerful memory. We can easily recall important information without much effort as if knowledge is always at our finger tips. A common myth about good memory: it is a gift that only a few persons have. Many adults believe that they couldn't do anything about consistently forgetting facts and things they should do or should have done. Forgetfulness is not a serious threat anyway, they believe. Enhancing memory performance can be a difficult thing - especially when you need immediate recall for an exam. Here are effective tips to follow to improve memory recall during crunch time.

Nourish your brain with healthy food: It's one of the easiest ways on how to improve memory power. Your brain works better if you feed it regularly with protein-rich foods such as nuts and fish. Hunger can slow down memory and other brain functions, so you'd better avoid skipping meals. Try to include brain food like salmon, mackerel, flax seeds and linseed in your diet, as they are rich in fatty acids. Fatty acids are considered to be good for improving concentration and brain related functions. Foods rich in fiber, like beans, pulses, wholegrain cereals, vegetables and fruits help the brain to function effectively. Vitamin B12, folate and niacin are some of the essential requirements for the brain and they are found in ample amounts in meat, eggs and dairy products. Eggs, in particular contain choline, a nutrient that protects memory loss due to aging. The antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables, like beta carotene and vitamin C are useful for the cognition skills of the brain and also reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases that, in turn help in the proper transportation of blood to the brain.

Feed Your Brain: This means feeding your body of course. Your brain needs a lot of energy, and will generally function better if you eat some good proteins and complex carbohydrates. Trail mix, with nuts and dried fruit works well for some. Fish has been shown to immediately speed up brain function, as well as improve memory and other brain functions long-term improvement if eaten regularly. Also, the distraction caused by hunger can interfere with your concentration and ability to recall things. Any simple carbohydrates can give you "brain fog." Sometimes called the "sugar blues" as well, this sluggish feeling makes it hard to think clearly. It results from the insulin rushing into the bloodstream to counteract the sugar rush. Avoid pasta, sugars, white bread and potato chips before any important mental tasks.

Quit smoking and Avoid Toxins: Smoking is the obvious one here. Although it may actually help a person concentrate in the short-term, the damage smoking does may later hurt brain function in general, including memory. Many prescription drugs and of course illegal drugs can also have a negative effect. Memory loss is an issue that a lot of statin drug users' deal with, and it is one of the complaints that they typically voice to their doctors. Memory loss, along with other neurological side effects, tend to affect those who use statin drugs. Avoid smoking and drinking excessively, as these bad habits hamper the cardiovascular system that supplies oxygen to the brain, thus, making it harmful for memory.

Quit smoking & Reduce brain toxins: Cigarettes are linked to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and even before there is a diagnosis, there may be reduced blood flow to the brain. This means reduced oxygen to the brain, which decreases brain function in general, and memory specifically. Most illegal drugs are toxic to the brain, but so are many prescription medications. These drugs have been associated with memory loss after prolonged use: Lithium, digitalis, reserpine, Inderal (propanolol), Aldomet (methyldopa), and Tagamet (cimetidine), as well as some high blood pressure medications.

Teach others: Research suggests that reading materials out loud significantly improves memory of the material. Educators and psychologists have also discovered that having students actually teach new concepts to others enhances understanding and recall. Teaching new concepts to others significantly improve our own memory of that particular information .You can use this approach in your own studies by teaching new concepts and information to a friend or study partner. So practice this technique by teaching new things to your study partners or friends.

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