Monday, May 30, 2011

Effective Remedy for Pain and Inflammation

Do you know what the best (and safest) remedy for pain and
inflammation is?

It is not aspirin.
It is not Tylenol.
It is not Vioxx (or Motrin, or any other NSAID).
In fact, it is not a prescription drug at all.
It is totally natural.
Actually, it is a combination of Vitamin D with Omega-3
fish oil - two of the most potent anti-inflammatory agents

Together, 10,000 IU's of Vitamin D with 2000 mg of Omega-3
fish oil achieve a superior (and safer) pain and anti-
inflammatory effect. This natural anti-inflammation
effect is stronger than prescription strength Vioxx or
Motrin with none of the side effects.

Each year, the side effects of NSAID use cause nearly
103,000 hospitalizations and 16,500 deaths by some
estimates in the U.S., according to a November, 2005
article in Medical News Today. Low dose aspirin use has
similar effects according to a 2006 article studying
hospital admissions in Spain.

As we continue to learn new things about Vitamin D, one of
the most exciting aspects is that Vitamin D can be used as
a natural anti-inflammatory/pain drug - but without the
horrible side effects!

You already know about the benefits of fish oil. Omega-3
fish oil has been completely free of mercury in the last
several years. Omega-3, when balanced with GLA and
Oleic acid oils is even better and more effective.

Experts already recommend taking Vitamin D and Omega 3 +
GLA + Oleic acid oils daily. We only recently found out
how good the combination is by taking both together.

We have Vitamin D5000 and Omega-1000 in stock.
If you are not already taking Vitamin D and Omega 3 +
GLA + Oleic acid oils oils, start now.

Natural Living, Inc.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Health care organizations are faced with overcoming myriad technology obstacles in the near future

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Vitamin D lack and pneumonia up death risk

Vitamin D lack and pneumonia up death risk
United Press International


Adult patients lacking in vitamin D were more likely than others to die soon after being hospitalized with pneumonia, researchers in New Zealand say.

Researchers at Waikato Hospital, the University of Waikato and the University of Otago measured vitamin D in the blood samples of 112 adult patients admitted with community-acquired pneumonia during the winter at the only acute-care hospital in Hamilton, New Zealand.

The researchers found vitamin D deficiency was associated with higher mortality within the first 30 days after hospital admission for pneumonia. The association between vitamin D deficiency was not explained by patient age, sex, co-morbidities, the severity of the systemic inflammatory response or other known prognostic factors.

The study authors say "improved understanding of vitamin D and its role in immunity may lead to better ways to prevent and/or treat pneumonia."

"We now need to investigate whether vitamin D supplements could be a useful addition to pneumonia treatment and whether using supplements could help to prevent or reduce the severity of pneumonia among high-risk populations," the study authors said in a statement.

The study was published in the journal Respirology.

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Friday, May 20, 2011

How To Heal Your Body

When you want to learn how to heal your body inner life, this is something that many people struggle with on a day-to-day basis in their life.

There are many different things that you can work with for this specific topic on how to heal your body, but I'm going to share with you two important ones today in this article.

Probably one of the most important things I want to tell you before you get started is that you have to understand that these tips and techniques are little bit different for each person and their own energy vibrational fields, so what works for one may not always work for another.

With the tips and techniques that are going to share with you in this article on how to heal your body, make sure to choose the ones that you feel attracted to first before you work with all of them.

When you're working with any type of alternative or complementary therapy, you have to first understand that everything is all about balance for this type of work. There is a balance on a mind - body - spiritual level connection for everyone.

Each person is going to be a little bit different for this type of work, as there is no right or wrong pathway when you're learning how to heal your body in your life.

Each pathway of ours has led us to this point in our life. Each of those pathways is different, so will be the work that we use for this method. And our new journeying pathways will also unfolded different pathways from this moment on.

Join me on learning some of these new tips.

When you're working with this type of issue in your life on how to heal your body, you have to understand how this first response to your own specific issues that you're facing in your life.

Keep in mind some of the basic questions when you're working through different tips and techniques. How do you see things right now? How do you want this to move forward from here? What do you see happening?

You have to first understand where you're coming from before you can know where you're going. You also have to make a decision of how you want these things to go for this particular issue of how to heal your body.

Different types of alternative therapies are at your fingertips for this specific issue that you're facing. You can work with them on a day-to-day basis, so I would like to get started introducing to of the most important ones that many people like to work with.

You can work with visualization techniques for this type of work on how to heal your body. Make sure to get a clear picture of how things are right now, as well as how you want them to change, and spend time visualizing and focusing for this issue.

With sound vibrational healing is another interesting type of work you can incorporate for this specific healing on how to heal your body in your life. Sound vibrational healing can be used with tuning forks, Tibetan bells, Tibetan bowls, and even drumming techniques when you're focusing a visualizing on this specific issue that you're working on balancing in your life.

Enjoy all of the new things that I have shared with you in this article and incorporate them into life today.

by Nicole Lanning

Nicole Lanning has a unique ability to use her Reiki healing, holistic healing and Reiki healing distant techniques to others around the world. Find out more about Healing Art Forms and how she can help you today.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Quick Meditation: Relieve Stress Now

A Quick Grounding Meditation

A hectic life can leave you feeling like an unanchored ship, tossed and jostled on a sea of stress and ragged nerves. Work, family, bills, worry – who has time to do laundry, much less find inner peace? Grounding is a quick meditation that takes less than a minute. Anywhere, anytime, it can help you de-stress and recharge your inner batteries.

Grounding reconnects you with the earth, anchors you to the present, and fills you with soothing, powerful energy. Whether you’re overworked, overwhelmed, or just overly stressed, use this meditation to consciously stop for a moment, unwind, and revitalize. There are three steps to grounding: rest, recharge, and reconnect.

Step 1: Rest. The first step is to slow down and rest. Sit or stand comfortably, with the soles of your feet touching the floor. Relax and breathe. Focus on taking deep cleansing breaths and exhaling fully. Close your eyes, if it’s comfortable to do so. Don’t need to spend too much time doing this – even a few seconds make a difference. What’s most important is that you deliberately slow down let yourself relax. Try it right now. Stop reading for a few seconds, relax, and breathe. Go ahead. Doesn’t that already feel better?

Step 2: Recharge. Now that you are more relaxed, it’s time to get rid of the bad energy and replace it with healthy earth energy. Start by focusing on the feel of the ground beneath you, solid and strong. Imagine that your feet and legs are like the roots of a tree, and they’re drawing pure, revitalizing energy upward into your body. It helps to picture this as a bright white light. Continue to breathe, imagining that energy rising up your legs, into your hips and lower back, releasing all tension along the way. Let it flow up your spine and into your chest. Open your heart to the comforting reassurance of earth’s vital force. Feel it work its way through your body, cleansing and strengthening as it moves. Let it rise into your throat, your face, and fill your head. Be still and allow your body to soak up the strength, then release it through the crown of your head. See it wash through and over you like a cleansing wave, carrying away all pain and negativity. Continuing to breathe slowly, allow the energy to ebb a little. Feel it moving downward, still washing away all of that paralyzing anxiety and fear. Allow the energy slowly seep back toward earth, taking with it everything that prevents you from living each second to its fullest. Finally, feel the last of it flow out through the soles of your feet, into the earth. Think about how the ground feels beneath you – firm, stable, dependable. Take another deep breath.

Step 3: Reconnect. Slowly come back to the present again. Open your eyes and become aware of your surroundings. Be conscious of your breathing. Be present in the here and now. You should feel relaxed, calm, and ready to face the world. Take a moment to reassess the situation that had you so stressed. Is it really as horrible as it seemed before? Probably not. You’re ready to tackle any challenge, freshly bolstered by the strengthening power of earth energy.

You can do this grounding meditation in less than a minute, but spending two or three full minutes is recommended. The important thing is that you practice this meditation regularly. If you do, you’ll soon find that you can slip into a relaxed, grounded state of mind with ease, regardless of the situation. This grounding meditation is more than just a visualization technique, it’s a practical skill you’ll carry with you forever.

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Low "D" Linked to Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity

This is an interesting article. Highly recommended. We are discovering more and more all the time about the need for more Vit D for disease prevention.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Five Benefits Of Neurofeedback Therapy

Five Benefits Of Neurofeedback Therapy

by Manuela Bradshaw

Neurofeedback therapy goes back to the 1960's as an alternative technique for training people to become more sensitive and responsive to brain wave activity patterns. The latter can be observed on a computer screen following an electroencephalography (EEG) scan when electrodes are attached to a client's forehead. Ultimately, the aim is to teach people to change unproductive brain wave configurations to more productive ones, thereby learning to gain greater control over the course of one's life. Following below are six benefits both children and adults could get from this form of intervention.

The first advantage is that it gives professionals and clients immediate real-time information about brain wave action. This can then be used to control one's brain activity for optimal performance. It's almost like being able to exert control over one's driving speed by looking at the visual feedback on the speedometer.

This form of aid makes it possible to help change or retrain the individual's brain action patterns. Through retraining patients can alter brain activity to become more effective in certain tasks. For example, kids with attention-deficit disorders habitually show a surplus of low-level activity waves associated with daydreaming and drowsiness. These can be changed into higher-level states of brain action over time, resulting in more focus and attention when needed.

A third advantage relates to the fact that it allows therapists to design suitable intervention programs. Many folk with learning difficulties seem to operate in the inappropriate mental wavelength environment, for instance. Intervention plans would thus focus on generating the right ones so as to overcome such challenges.

A fourth advantage is that the method has great potential for effecting positive life-long changes. This depends on the extent to which patients have learned to master controlling the neurological activities generated by the brain's functioning. Naturally this is quite time-consuming, but one which is likely to assist with complete recovery and relapse-prevention.

Treatment can also be combined with medication use where the latter is indicated. So this does not interfere with other modes of intervention. For the best results, it's recommended patients undergo 20 sessions 3 times per week. Because of the costs involved, it's advisable to consult with a health care insurance provider in terms of reimbursing some of it.

Where many traditional medical approaches fail to make a breakthrough, neurofeedback therapy can have a positive impact. Many modern-day complaints such as anxiety and stress-related diseases have been positively influenced by this mode of cure. These are but a few of the benefits people can expect when opting for this form of modern treatment.

neurofeedback therapy