Friday, March 25, 2011

Lower Back Pain: Innovative 3D Models Help In Pre-Surgical Planning

by Jeffrey Arnold

People who suffer from Back soreness know how difficult it can be to discover the exact problems within their backs. Even more difficult is finding the right treatment.

Often chiropractic therapies are effective because their holistic approach in actually handling the spine of a conscious patient. An experienced chiropractor has a sort of sixth sense aided by an enhanced sense of touch and an awareness of pain. Sometimes physical therapists have a similar understanding. However even they cannot know for certain what lies on the inner side of a human spine. Though they palpate, and interpret tension in parts of the back to gain an understanding of the spine, they aren't all knowing.

Unfortunately when chiropractic therapies fail because of bone or disk deterioration, or other severe damage, one is forced to go to an orthopaedic surgeon. Back surgery should always a last resort as treatment for a back ache. Unfortunately with lower back pain it is sometimes the only answer. Only after one has tried every other resource, worn back braces and seen many physical therapists and received spinal decompression therapy from a few different physicians should they consider surgery.

A innovative new diagnostic tool enables surgeons to prepare better for a specific surgery. ACRM Corp has brought a whole new dimension to Back pain diagnostics and pre surgery evaluation. The new process creates a three dimensional model of a specific patient's spine, based on CT and MRI scans. This enables the surgeon to completely examine and even practice on a working replica of the patient's entire back in a way previously impossible. The procedure is brand new and so many orthopedic surgeons still aren't using it. Eventually it is expected to become the industry standard. Eventually 3-D models of each spine will probably be made mandatory before surgery.

The cost of a typical 3D model is only a thousand dollars, or about half the price of an MRI scan. Back surgeries often cost over $110,000 dollars. Thus having a 3-D model created is relatively cost effective as an additional diagnostic tool which will improve the outcome of a costly and potentially dangerous procedure. Patients should request, or at least suggest 3-D models to their orthopedic surgeons who may not be aware of this innovative tool. 3-D models might also be helpful to other non surgical situations as well.

ACRM Corp is pioneering the development and sales of patient specific, Anatomically Correct, three-dimensional Reference Models, from CT and MRI scans to assist with skull or back surgeries. Visit their website ( for more information about how these three-dimensional models can help your orthopedic physician in their pre-surgical planning.


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