Monday, May 30, 2011

Effective Remedy for Pain and Inflammation

Do you know what the best (and safest) remedy for pain and
inflammation is?

It is not aspirin.
It is not Tylenol.
It is not Vioxx (or Motrin, or any other NSAID).
In fact, it is not a prescription drug at all.
It is totally natural.
Actually, it is a combination of Vitamin D with Omega-3
fish oil - two of the most potent anti-inflammatory agents

Together, 10,000 IU's of Vitamin D with 2000 mg of Omega-3
fish oil achieve a superior (and safer) pain and anti-
inflammatory effect. This natural anti-inflammation
effect is stronger than prescription strength Vioxx or
Motrin with none of the side effects.

Each year, the side effects of NSAID use cause nearly
103,000 hospitalizations and 16,500 deaths by some
estimates in the U.S., according to a November, 2005
article in Medical News Today. Low dose aspirin use has
similar effects according to a 2006 article studying
hospital admissions in Spain.

As we continue to learn new things about Vitamin D, one of
the most exciting aspects is that Vitamin D can be used as
a natural anti-inflammatory/pain drug - but without the
horrible side effects!

You already know about the benefits of fish oil. Omega-3
fish oil has been completely free of mercury in the last
several years. Omega-3, when balanced with GLA and
Oleic acid oils is even better and more effective.

Experts already recommend taking Vitamin D and Omega 3 +
GLA + Oleic acid oils daily. We only recently found out
how good the combination is by taking both together.

We have Vitamin D5000 and Omega-1000 in stock.
If you are not already taking Vitamin D and Omega 3 +
GLA + Oleic acid oils oils, start now.

Natural Living, Inc.

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