Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dealing With Anxiety Attacks

Love is meant to be a happy emotion, yet it can also be one of the prime drivers behind a persons anxiety attack. You may see your ex love at a social event and it would be perfectly normal to have some level of anxiety in that situation but when that anxiety builds up and up until it makes you worry over every detail of your evening then it is time to realize that it has become a problem.

Anxiety attacks always have a trigger event, the problem is that the trigger event may not be an obvious one. If a tiger comes up to you, then it is easy to work out what the trigger event was for your panic attack. Some people's triggers are not so obvious, they can be far more subtle and may even require a series of events to happen.

The trigger for an anxiety attack can vary with the situation for most people. At times of stress panic can trigger the body's reaction to high levels of stress which usually involves large amounts of chemicals which give us the strength to run away or stand and defend ourselves. Also known as the fight or flight reaction this can often be the main reason behind any panic attack.

When a person experiences an stressful or traumatic event the body will react to it. This can release chemicals into a persons system that will cause an extreme reaction to the situation. An anxiety panic attack can occur when chemicals are triggered. The body assumes there is danger that it must react to, this is called a panic attack. An anxiety panic attack can have many of these key factors. Feelings of fear, hopelessness, increased heart rate, sweating, tingling, nausea, headaches, and emotional fluctuations.

We are all different and we all deal with panic differently, most people will find that fear and panic breed anxiety. We are usually able to control our feelings of fear and panic, we try to get them under control before they take over our very being. If you are unable to control these feelings then you will often end up suffering from a anxiety attack.

Understanding anxiety is something every person who has anxiety strives for. Most people with anxiety feel very alone, anxiety can make your life miserable, but you can beat it.

by Bart Forcey

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