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Spiritual Counseling: The Universe

Spiritual Counseling - The Universe Cannot Evolve Without You

In 1486, Leonardo da Vinci completed The Vitruvian Man, his most famous sketch in which he incorporated sacred geometry. This sacred or golden geometry consists of the golden ratio (1.618...) also known as Phi (pronounced fee) and is a ubiquitous ratio found in nature that consists of the Fibonacci sequence or the "law of spirals and fractals," the ratio in which a Nautilus, pine cone, hurricane and a galaxy spirals outwards. This golden ratio also governs the way in which our bodies are designed.

There's a Phi ratio between the tip of your finger to the second part, between the second part and the third part, between your hand relative to your fingers, between your forearm relative to your hand, and so on. It is the same with plants, trees, solar systems, and galaxies. Everything in nature that we can observe is fashioned from this ubiquitous golden ratio.

Theoretical physicist, Nassim Haramein, hypothesizes that if everything in the universe can be divided to infinity, then everything we can observe would have infinite density or a singularity at its center. In his DVD workshop symposium, "Crossing the Event Horizon," Nassim Haramein reveals his theory, saying, "Maybe instead of looking for a fundamental particle, we should be looking for a fundamental principle of division...For every expansion there is an equal and opposite contraction....Everything is just a different size black hole."

Haramein theorizes that the spacetime vacuum would naturally divide itself under very specific fundamental mathematics as well as obey the fractal geometry of Phi, the golden ratio. Along with his colleagues Michael Hyson, Ph.D. and Elizabeth A. Rauscher, Ph.D., Haramein measured various objects in the universe to determine whether or not there was an organizational structure or direct relationship in which the universe divides itself from the macro large to the micro small. They measured stars and galaxies, the biological cell, atomic level X-ray radiation, and then they posted the data points on a graph. They measured the frequency of each object to determine its energy level against the radius of the object.

What is truly fascinating about this new scaling law, is that every object on this scale is in a perfect linear progression with every other object from the subatomic level all the way to the size of the universe itself. Furthermore, if you take the distance between the data points and divide them, you will always get a very close approximation to the Phi ratio.

Currently, quantum theory and Einstein's relativistic theory do not reconcile. Their laws are interdependent of one another. However, this new scaling law bridges the gap between the subatomic micro world and the cosmological macro world with the Haramein-Rauscher measurements of the biological cell. Nassim Haramein's findings show that the biological cell obeys the same fundamental dynamics of a black hole.

As you begin to shift your understanding of the universe to this new unified field paradigm, you can alter your "little me who is separate from the universe" perspective to the "I am the epicenter of the universe" perspective. Consequently, your whole life begins to transform overnight. You begin to understand your relevance and your obligation to Life. You realize that the universe cannot evolve without your input. Your interpretation of the divine field of ether, i.e. everything that you experience, is necessary for the universe's growth and expansion. And as Nassim Haramein says, "If you have come to this conclusion, you must have come to this conclusion finding out that everyone else is the center of their universe as well. And thus, we are all equal and we are all One."

Spiritual Counselor, Jason Lincoln Jeffers is the founder of The Art of Transformation, a company dedicated to teaching Spiritual Enlightenment to the masses. His Spiritual Counseling program uniquely synthesizes spiritual wisdom with ego transcendence, holistic health, life path astro-analysis, shadow & pain-body work, heart-brain intention, the power of presence, and the law of attraction.
by Jason Lincoln Jeffers

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