Friday, September 23, 2011

Vitamin D and Obesity

Did you know that Vitamin D helps fight obesity?

Part of the flurry of discoveries in the last two years
has uncovered a relationship of Vitamin D and leptins.
What are leptins? They are the hormones related to
appetite, weight and fat metabolism.

The more leptins you have the less your appetite, the
higher your metabolism - and the less your weight.

On the other hand, anything that enhances leptin
resistance makes you obese. Stated differently, obesity is
a chronic inflammatory condition. Our old friend, NF-
kappaB, plays a critical role in leptin resistance.

One more factor is that Vitamin D also appears to mediate
insulin resistance, thereby making diabetes less likely.

Obesity, diabetes and inflammation are all intimately
related. Vitamin D reverses all of those conditions.

Vitamin D is all good. That is why the medical world is
so excited about it.

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