Friday, October 28, 2011

Meninges Is Source Of Self-Renewing Stem Cells, Potential For Spinal Cord Injury Treatment from Medical News Today

In a study published in STEM CELLS, Italian and Spanish scientists have provided the first evidence to show that meninges, the membrane which envelops the central nervous system, is a potential source of self-renewing stem cells. Whilst studying the use of stem cells for treating spinal cord injuries, the researchers learnt to understand cell activation in central nervous system injuries, enabling research to advance into new treatments for spinal injuries and degenerative brain disorders.

The research was based on spinal cord injuries caused by damages of the spinal cord through trauma instead of disease. Subject to the severity of the spinal cord injury outcomes can vary from pain to full paralysis, incurring high social and medical care costs. Patient recoveries are severely limited due to the spinal cord's inability to regenerate.

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