Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nurses, Be Stress Free in 10 Seconds from Nurse Together

The term stress refers to any demands either physical or emotional placed on the body. It is the body’s normal mechanism to kick up our metabolism and energy to meet the body’s demands. It readies us for the emotional and physical challenges we face throughout our lives. Some degree of stress is an advantage that peaks our performance by heightening awareness and stimulating the body. Then why is stress so bad for us? As nurses, you all know the answer to that question, and you see the effects of stress every day in the work you do and the patients you care for that are victims of prolonged stress that has led to disease. You also work in incredibly stressful environments, not only because of the responsibility you have to your patients, but also the pressures of the modern healthcare environment. In order for you to stay healthy, you need to control your stress.

In reality, stress for the most part is an unrealized fear. Most of what we worry about and are stressed about never comes to bear but we worry about it anyway. I love this quote from Marcus Aurelius:

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